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​Not sure how to calculate your child support payments in Georgia? The experts at Fennell, Briasco & Associates have created an easy calculator that estimates your monthly payments based on Georgia’s child support guidelines.

Fill in your information below to see your estimated monthly child support expenses. The final calculation will display the estimated amount of child support that the non-custodial parent will be obligated to pay the custodial parent in Georgia.

Please Note: This calculator is for informational and educational purposes ONLY. Your court-ordered child support costs may differ from the results shown in this calculator.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Georgia Child Support

Currently, Georgia child support guidelines require that both the custodial and non-custodial parent use their total gross income in order to calculate the amount of child support that will be paid. Other expenses for the child are also taken into consideration within the calculations.  For more questions about child support, contact Fennell, Briasco & Associates. (770) 956-4030

When using your child support worksheet, there are more factors that come into play after you have your child support calculation. For example: work-related childcare, insurance premiums, extraordinary medical or educational expenses, and extracurricular expenses are all additional factors in child support that must be remembered.

The latest Georgia child support guidelines leave room for deviations from child support in certain circumstances. For example, parenting time or the payment of expensive extracurricular activities can be used as deviations. Fennell, Briasco & Associates can assist you with deviations from Georgia child support. (770) 956-4030

Modifying child support Orders depends upon many factors, including when the last Order was entered, the change in circumstance (such as a change in income or needs of the child), and in what Court your previous Order is in.  You may be eligible to modify through the State child support services agency, or you may need to file an action in Superior Court. The team at Fennell, Briasco & Associates can help you determine if you need to modify your child support order. (770) 956-4030


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