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Georgia Private Adoption Attorney

There are many ways to adopt a child in Georgia. For prospective adoptive parents that already have a relationship with a mother who wants to give her child up for adoption, this process is called a private adoption (or independent adoption). For these adoptions, neither the biological parents nor the adoptive parents need to go through an adoption agency. Instead, both the biological and adoptive parents already have a relationship and intend to go through with an adoption from one set of parents to another. In most cases, private adoptions can be a faster and more cost-efficient adoption process.

Georgia Private Adoption Lawyers

At Fennell, Briasco & Associates™, our team of family law attorneys has decades of experience helping Georgia families successfully complete the private adoption process. We represent both biological and adoptive parents who are seeking adoption of a child to/from someone they already know. We believe in a client-focused legal strategy that prioritizes the wellbeing and happiness of your family for years to come. To help you navigate a private or independent adoption in Georgia, contact the family law attorneys at Fennell, Briasco & Associates™ today for a FREE legal consultation. Our team is available now at (770) 956-4030.


Private Adoptions vs. Agency Adoptions

For adoptive parents that already have a “match” with biological parents, private adoptions are the most commonly used adoption process to transfer parental rights from the biological parents to the adoptive parents. On the other hand, adoption agencies help adoptive parents find a match and complete the adoption paperwork and legal requirements. Adoption agencies, sometimes called child-placement agencies, help connect biological parents with prospective adoptive parents. An agency adoption will have specific procedures that differ from the independent adoption between two private parties.

In private/independent adoptions, the adoptive parents have a greater responsibility to understand and carry out the legal requirements for adoption. Unlike agency adoptions (in which the agency takes a highly active role in facilitating the adoption), private adoptions require the adoptive parents to navigate the system on their own. For assistance with any private or independent adoption in Georgia, always contact a lawyer to discuss the adoption process that’s right for you.

It is important to note that private adoptions still require judicial oversight. The judge of a local superior court still has the final authority to issue a decree of adoption—even for private adoptions. Private adoptions also require an independent agent (appointed by the court or a state agency like the Georgia Department of Family & Children Services) to ensure the adoption complies with state law and promotes the wellbeing of the child.


Completing a Home Study

For all adoptions in Georgia, the adoptive parents must present to the court a home study (or investigation of the adoptive parents). This investigation is completed by a licensed child placement agent to review the appropriateness of the private adoption. The agent will assess factors including: (i) the mental health and wellbeing of the adoptive parents, (ii) the occupations and financial well being of the adoptive parents, (iii) previous involvement/performance of the adoptive parents in the adoption system, (iv) parenting style, (v) physical conditions in the home of the adoptive parents, (vi) the community and family of the adoptive parents, (vii) the prospective school district for the child, and (viii) other relevant factors about the wellbeing of the child with the adoptive parents. For guidance on an upcoming home study, contact an adoption attorney at Fennell, Briasco & Associates™.
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Obtaining Consent from Biological Parents

Private infant adoptions are common in Georgia. In these cases, the biological parents will consent to the adoption of their child by a new set of adoptive parents at some point after the birth of the child. To carry out this process, the biological parents must consent to the adoption of the child. In many cases, the biological parents will voluntarily sign the adoption papers within the first 2-3 days after the birth of the child. The biological parents may revoke their consent within 4 days from signing the adoption paperwork. To assist you with this paperwork-intensive process, always consult a Georgia adoption lawyer for guidance on this subject.

Georgia Private Adoption Lawyer

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